Friday, 31 May 2013

Autumn Winter 2014-15 research

It seems too early to be thinking of Autumn Winter 2014/15 when we are still waiting for the weather to change and for everyone to really start enjoying summer 2013. 

I've been to the Autumn/Winter Trend seminars for 2014/15 and visited the trend library and have collected some great ideas.  Loads of inspiration for shapes, colours, prints and graphics for apparel and accessories for men, ladies, children.

The first colour palettes is 'Industrial backdrop' - steely greys, greens lifted by lilac and pink.

The second 'Calming' - quiet and peaceful with soft colours and shapes

The third is 'Enriching' - picking up colours and shapes from tribal and cultural art and decoration.  A rich and colourful story

The fourth story is 'Luxurious' - an elegant story with rich deep colours and luxurious shapes